Great facts for users of Twitter new year

What are they Doing

There are numerous users of Twitter, Instagram & Vine Social Media networks, and they provide many benefits to the users. It is an important question to know why Twitter is better than other social sites. And why would people choose to make their accounts on Twitter? Does Twitter provide better features than other social sites or it is same as others? What is the privacy level does Twitter offers better privacy conditions than other social sites or not. It is also seen that most of the world’s famous faces are running their accounts on Twitter, and they are more active on Twitter compared to other social websites. It indicates that Twitter is better regarding popularity and ranking. Some people think that celebrities Twitter followers buy 500 that are why they are having million of followers on their accounts. Achieving great follow-up is not possible without buying followers. But this is not entirely true. If it was simple then why everyone does not use the same strategy for increasing their number of followers.

Business users

There are many uses of Twitter, and some important applications are linked to business. The common methods being widely recognized are important news including some advertisement that could be showing any clothing brand or a car selling company. It also provides highlights about the new job openings at many businesses. So it is providing useful information to the unemployed, and they can keep checking the start of vacancies at different times.



The term micro-blogging is widely used these days, but some people lack proper awareness about how it works and what micro- blogging is exactly. Micro- blogging means sharing your things or thoughts with people. As famous blogs include photos of ordinary things like flowers, gardens, sunset, dawn, winter, snow, rain, desert, water, pond, animals, and nature, etc. not only this but people also share personal photos of their family, home, their friends and social circle. People can not only blog using pictures, but they can also share their thoughts about different aspects of life. As people can share their views on the current affairs, daily limelight of politics, professions, etc. people can share their motives, goals, their thoughts on education, society, brutality, etc. there are in fact thousands of topics and people can share millions of ideas. People can also share things that help them in earning as people who start small scale business from homes they can share their work with people and take online orders this will save their cost and they can make a healthy living. There are thousands of benefits associated with Twitter.


People get Twitter followers buy 500 but if they want to make good use like earning and sharing thoughts these followers are useless. They need to be followed by real people who can catch their views, thoughts, understand their point of view. Even if they want to do business, they have to capture real people not fake. There are other ways of getting followers.