NBA undrafted free agents: Few potential names

NBA undrafted free agents: Few potential names
The NBA draft is finally over which was watched by millions of people on Nba Live stream and, as it has become a trend in past few seasons some good names went on undrafted. Previously, being undrafted was said to be a shame as people would say that the player was not good enough to be picked by any team. However, it has been changed a bit as the players and people now see it as an opportunity for the player to join a team of his liking instead of being stuck somewhere he does not want to be. So, we will put a light on a few potential names of NBA streams that were undrafted this season.
Gary Payton II
Gary Payton gets to be a free agent this season as he is undrafted. He is the son of Gary “Sonic” Payton and comes with the tag of a defensive expert. He can also hold roster pretty well. But the area of the game where he needs the improvement is his jump shot which is probably the thing that hinders his game a bit. Rumors are there that he will be seen in the Rockets kit.
Robert Carter Jr.
Carter got a great attention from the experts when the second round draft pick was started. However, he was not picked by any of the team and remains a free agent. The notable part of his game is his offensive abilities. However, due to the lack of defensive command, he is not able to perform to his full potential. There are talks that he might be signed by Warriors.
Prince Iben
Prince Iben may not seem a lot appealing, but as he is a youngster who comes with a taste of the game and great physical abilities, he can be seen as a potential threat in upcoming seasons. Only if he is trained appropriately and is taught in the right manner, he can be a great addition to any team.
Dorian Finney-Smith
Finney-Smith is a great player when it comes to the wing position and can serve as an amazing addition to any squad. He is a tough guy with good physical attributes and plays as a sensible forward. He is never off his game and the rate at which he is improving; he can be the first pick in upcoming seasons.
Cat Barber
Barber is a good player as a backup point guard and has got the knack of scoring points. He is a good contributor to the team and can help in getting a few points. However, he has only shown limited ability in his game as seen in NBA live stream and to be at the top in drafts; he needs to prove a lot more.

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