The Leader of Social Media

We all use Instagram rapidly since it is the fastest growing online social media with just you have to post the pictures. Since the Start of this social media facebook and twitter were dominating the social media world. They were not only ruling the world but they were changing the ways that how could social media be used people who were interested in using the social media on facebook and twitter started to dislike it because these social media giants were taking away the social freedom by imposing laws that were catastrophic in nature. But then a single app took away all the audience and showed that it is not about the money it is about the karma. You produce good people will follow you. You produce best people will admire you but when you start to produce and impose laws on free, innocent people they will move away because this is not a jail where they can just impose whatever they want. This is an online platform where one can think freely write freely joke freely about it and there is nothing wrong in it. Instagram authorities understood all of this and they gave us a free go at it, they said to let you be free and happy about it. Let Instagram be a space where you come online and see the world it as it was not.

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Instagram starts to lead

since Then Instagram started to lead us from the darkness to the light. Government and other bullies like facebook and twitter tried to take away the freedom but this little app of 50 MB is not just stopping the at their tracks but it is increasing the lifestyles of people using them. Not only this Instagram has given open services to buy instagram comments. Well, now you would say wow. Yes, instagram wants us all to indulge at our fullest. Since it is a big community sometimes it happens that somebody doesn’t get the as good start as it should be.

So they are given a way to purchase the followers and be happy about it. Purchasing followers are no shame nowadays it is considered necessary because everyone wants to be in the circle of your thinking and they want to share their things with you too. So buying them is like getting to make few thousand friends asap. Well, there are many different packages since there are so many packages available you have to choose the right one which packages to obtain once the package is bought it cannot be sent back and bought another instead of it. While Instagram is all about posting pictures and telling your activities your followers comment on these pictures and try to share them in this way you not only get famous but your word gets out fast and easy. Since everybody cannot buy such packages you buying such package will make you a premium user as well. For starters a premium tag will be placed with you can also hide the tag if you will awkward with the tag but if I were the use I would definitely keep the tag with me.

With Such opportunities given by Instagram, Instagram is leading the world in social media.