Time For You To Invest In An Absence Manager!


Employee absence – a big problem:

The absence of your employees makes a great difference in your organization. It does not matter if the absence was extended, incidental or even planned, each absence has its own productivity hits, costs, and risks.

Factors involved with absence:

Basically, there are three big factors that are linked with absence.

  1. Costs:

On an average, 35 percent of the payroll, you give out is somehow related to the absence of employees. This also includes the cost that you have to pay for the employees that are absent and also the indirect costs that you have to pay because of the absence of the others. Examples of indirect costs include hiring workers as a replacement and the productivity that has been lost.

  1. Risks:

Without an absence management system to manage the attendance and absence of the employees, organizations are put at a great risk. This is because the organizations then fail to follow a few government regulations and agreements like the state leave laws. This causes great loss to different organizations.

  1. Productivity killer:

It is an understood fact that absence of employees results in the reduction of productivity. On an average, unplanned and incidental absences lead to almost 20% of the net productivity lost within a day.

How to control the loss due to absences?

One of the best ways with which you can control the absences is by investing in an absence manager. In order to control the effect that absence has on your work, you need to see the trends so that you can have a better control on the costs. Moreover, in order to minimize the risks, you need to manage the policies you have in the right manner. Moreover, in order to improve the productivity of your workforce, you need to identify all of the workers that have an issue with attendance.

Of course, doing all of this manually is a hard task and there is a high chance that you just might make the wrong move, which is why you need an absence management system.

Managing absence:

Managing the attendance and the absence of all your employees is no doubt an impossible task. However, you need to do this if you want to be a competitor in the market globally. An absence manager can help you in developing such strategies that can reduce the absences by providing you with a better control over the cost that you pay for the absences.

Why you need a management system:

According to a report, after using an attendance management system, there has been a reduction in the absences by almost 30%. Moreover, there has been more savings and reduced administration. In fact, the right system enables the managers to answer back supportively and quickly whenever their staff has an issue. This is due to a feature called improved reports for sickness absence. This feature helps in targeting wellness measures for your staff so that their attendance is improved.